Red, White, and the BluesIn Red, White, and the Blues, debut author John R. Hall invited readers to join him on a cross-country motorcycle journey that saw the Renaissance man confronting demons from his past while riding headlong into the winds of America’s ever-more-troubling political landscape.

Hunting For Thompson Daggers From A Desperate PatriotIn his sophomore offering, Hall has compiled a collection of his essays, op-eds, and musings, delivering a ride every bit as bumpy—and ultimately as rewarding—as the odyssey presented in his previous work.

Mostly written between 2016 and 2017, Hunting for Thompson: Daggers from a Desperate Patriot centers on the days following the 2016 election, in which Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 2.86 million fewer popular votes than his challenger. Greatly influenced by the writings of Hunter S. Thompson, and profoundly affected by that great author’s death, Hall sees a country in crisis and does the only thing in his power: through his words, he hurls “daggers” that galvanize, entertain, and captivate—while skewering their targets with unrelenting precision.

Hall’s words are undeniably provocative, but not simply for shock value. They galvanize, entertain, and captivate. If allowed to percolate, Hall’s “daggers” trigger contemplation. Introspection becomes unavoidable. The reader soon finds that complacency and compliancy are not Hall’s fortes. He invites communion while clinging to seclusion. Hall draws lines and defends his positions.

To supplement the compilation, Hall penned introductions to most of the entries, adding observations written in mid-2021 and recasting his thoughts in ways that will surprise, amuse, and impact his readers. Incisive, heartwarming, and devastating, Daggers from a Desperate Patriot is, as Hall says, “the Theater of the Absurd. After all, we’re talking about Donald J. Trump.”

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John R. Hall

John is the author of 2020's Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain and the founder of the Hunting For writers blog.

John studied journalism, communications, psychology, and the dramatic arts while attending City College in San Diego, California. A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, and an engaged observer of life, John has been a street performer, cab driver, magician, IT/IS specialist, long-haul trucker, soldier, and oil field worker. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, John always envisioned himself to be a writer-in-waiting. In 2020 he fulfilled his most earnest and long-sought desire of becoming an author. His sophomore offering, Hunting for Thompson: Daggers from a Desperate Patriot, is slated to be released in October/November 2021.

At sixty-three, John resides along the shoreline of Bitter Lake, Seattle, Washington.

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Red, White, and the BluesHuntingForThompson.comJohn R. Hall
Hunting For Thompson Daggers From A Desperate Patriot

Hunting For Thompson Daggers From A Desperate Patriot

Hunting For Thompson Daggers From A Desperate Patriot


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